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For the Bawdy & Bold or the Quietly Curious

WHo i am

I am an educator and entertainer who specializes in bringing the skills to explore BDSM into the mainstream. Combining practical experience as a Pro Dominatrix and training as a performer and educator, I emphasize communication and consent as the most important tools in your kinky toolbox; that and lube. Big fan of lube.

My style is more relaxed than what you might be imagining for a “Dominatrix.” I save my severity for playtime, but I can help you tap into that reserve of power within. As an instructor I am compassionate, approachable, and confident leading a room.


I lead instructive, empowering, and tantalizing private BDSM workshops. This isn’t your mother’s dildo party - this experience will add something to your technical and emotional repertoire. There are no pushy sales pitches, no minimum purchase requirements, and no chintzy merchandise. (But if you do want toy/implement advice, I can do that!)

My workshops (whether it’s within a Bachelorette or other pre-wedding festivity, fundraiser, or birthday party) consist of direction in the basics of safety and consent, asking for what you want, and the technical tutelage in a handful of skills that the group or Bride wants to learn.

The event organizer and I will determine collectively the tone and style of the workshop. Are you pair of seasoned kinksters having a collaring ceremony and want your in-laws to know how to behave? Or are you seeking an approachable introduction and lively discussion over champagne and bouquets? Private workshops are fully customizeable! They are designed to fit within a larger event that you are planning, or they can stand alone as a 90 minute contained experience.

girls* to the front!

I teach from the point of view of a Femme Dominant and strive to connect women and femmes with their Dominant side, since it is so often discouraged in our broader culture.

The orientation/role of the participants can be mixed, but I encourage exploration of another role. It’s called “play'“ for a reason, so this is your opportunity to try something else on for size.

*Please see my note on gendered language at the bottom of the page


Ms. Munroe and her team of Dommes and loyal subs will join you wherever you please; banquet hall, bar backroom, Top of the Rock, or even your living room! We dress to impress.

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Now What?

Some questions to ask yourself…


How many people are attending?

First off, the number of participants are going to determine what type of workshop you should book. There are a couple different options: Mini, Small, and Medium Private Workshops, and a Private Workshop with Party Entertainment.

  • Mini Private Workshop The Mini Private Workshop is best for 2-8 participants. This workshop is taught by the one and only Mistress Rina herself! We will go over the basics of how to begin saying what you do and don’t want, safety musts, and then anywhere from 2 - 4 different activities, depending on complexity. If you have a larger group, but not all of them want to participate, they may prefer to watch, this may also be a good option for you.

  • Small Private Workshop The Small Private Workshop is best for a group of 6-12 participants. This workshop is taught by Mistress Rina and one other beautiful and experienced Domme. We will go over the basics of how to begin saying what you do and don’t want, safety musts, and then anywhere from 2 - 4 different activities, depending on complexity.

  • Medium Private Workshop The Medium Private Workshop is best for a group of 13-25 participants. This workshop is taught by Mistress Rina and two other beautiful and experienced Dommes. We will go over the basics of how to begin saying what you do and don’t want, safety musts, and then anywhere from 3 - 6 different activities, depending on complexity.

  • Private Workshop with Party Entertainment In this case, Ms. Munroe and two other beautiful, experienced Dommes would provide atmospheric entertainment for up to three hours in addition to the formalized 90 minute workshop portion of the event. This is a great option for Galas, Openings, or larger events.

who is attending your event?

Are you all here to learn and then deploy your new knowledge in private, or would you like the chance to practice on your sub right then and there?

Your event can be our Dommes Only style - we assume all participants would like to learn as Dommes, so therefore we provide the attractive, obedient subs. This is perfect for Bachelorettes, Girls’ Night Out, even a baby shower!

Or, in our Jill & Jack style, your participants are a mixed-role (Dommes and subs) group - we would bring our teaching Dommes and the participants would pair up to practice on each other.

what do you want to learn?

Some popular subjects include:

  • Terminology and Navigating the Community

  • Consent (we always talk about basics, but we can devote more time than usual to this skill)

  • Aftercare

  • Spanking/Impact Play

  • Role Play

  • Foot Worship

  • Bondage

  • Pet Play/Pony Play

For a complete list of workshop topics please send contact me events@msrinamunroe.com

Still not sure?

No worries! Book a phone or in-person consultation HERE


Language often fails us. Language cannot always fully encompass or describe the person we are, the person we love, or the nature of our relationships. My events and services are fully identity inclusive. For brevity and a certain definition of clarity, I use words like, “she” and “bride,” but as a queer identified person myself, one of my biggest desires with this company is to serve my queer community and to offer high-quality pre-wedding services that any straight person might have access to. If there are terms you and your partner use that are outside those parameters, please let me know and I will utilize them. I appreciate your expansive reading of what is written here.


Our instruction can, and usually by default does, include technique modifications to accommodate bodies of size, disabled bodies, and elderly bodies. BDSM Bachelorette isn’t just for the young, white, skinny, and able bodied, it is for anyone interested in the skills and pleasures of exploring BDSM in a way that works for them and their body.